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What's in our beach bag this summer?? July 24 2023

These hot summer days call for some time relaxing on the beach and if you are anything like us, your beach bag (and what goes inside of it) can make or break the trip. The type of beach bag that will be used depends on the bathing suit/cover-up duo and the amount of time spent on the beach. Are we doing a full day? Half a day? Will a  basket-like bag suffice or should we break out the Chandi hobo bag from Bourbon and Grits? 

Your beach bag and the essentials that go along with it are catered to your personal needs. For us, it’s our current read (One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle), sunscreen (Shiseido SPF 42 and Sun Bum SPF 15), AirPods/headphones, sunglasses, mini spray deodorant, mini body mist (Sol de Janeiro Pink Dragonfruit), a cardholder with only the necessities (ID, credit card, and some cash), a towel, and a water bottle. 

4 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf this Summer June 18 2023

It’s that time of the year again when Jackie O meets Nancy Meyers and our wardrobes are overflowing with sun hats, linen pants, tank tops, straw bags, and of course, silk scarves. Over fifty years ago, Truman Capote’s swans graced the concrete sidewalks of The Hamptons and cobblestone streets of Europe with their fabulous scarves worn in a multitude of ways to elevate their effortless and chic looks. Now, in the summer of 2023, we are seeing the comeback of the silk scarf. An all-linen outfit? Add a silk scarf for a pop of color. Does your beach bag need a little love? Wrap a lovely scarf around it. Want to learn more about how to wear this classic trend? Keep reading because Bourbon and Grits has you covered. 
  1. A Silk Headband: Simply fold your large silk square into a triangle and wrap it around your forehead. Be sure to tie in the back where the corners of the triangle meet. This look is perfect for the beach and strolling the streets of Palm Beach.
  2. A Handbag Accessory: A lot of bags on the market right now are a little too plain for the like many with this minimalistic trend going around currently. To add some pizzazz, pick a fabulous scarf that matches the color of the purse and either wrap the handle with the scarf or tie a bow at one of the corners. 
  3. A New Belt: Need we explain more? Fold your belt into a rope-like shape and loop it through the holes of your pants. Meet at the front and tie either a bow or a neat knot and say goodbye to the days when you are only wearing jeans and a plain white T-shirt because this will surely elevate your look.  
  4. A Necktie: An oldie but a goodie. Pick a favorite scarf of yours and tie it any which way around your neck. Pro tip? Layer with some gold necklaces to elevate your accessory game.

It’s hard to believe it has been one whole year since taking over B&G. Time flies… March 13 2022

Many of you are aware of the transition in ownership but for those who are not, it is great to meet you. There are so many new customers who I look forward to meeting.
I took over the business last March from my friends, Shannon and Missy.  It really was serendipitous how it all happened. Long story short, they were thinking of selling this amazing business that they started 8 years ago... and I was manifesting a business. Little did I know that the stars would align and I would soon become the new owner!
You may have noticed some style changes but the core of the business that these fabulous ladies created will stay the same. Beautiful, hand-selected styles at an affordable price. Our goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful while finding your personal style.  
While I am a full-time corporate event marketer and manager of sports sponsorships, I have a passion for fashion and have since a very early age. I got my BS in textile products marketing and after many years in sales and marketing, it is coming full circle. 
I have a deep love for travel. I completed visits to all 50 states a few years ago and am looking for my next adventure.  I enjoy yoga, hiking, good wine and spending time with those nearest and dearest. I love connectIng with new people and sharing ideas over a strong cup of coffee or a craft cocktail. I enjoy sports, live music and spending time with my two fur babies, Bella and Bentley. 
If I can style you or help you find that next perfect outfit, please let me know. Contact me if you are interested in hosting an in-person trunk show locally... or a virtual event for your non-profit. We love to give back to a good cause! 


---- Kelli Liles