It’s hard to believe it has been one whole year since taking over B&G. Time flies… March 13 2022

Many of you are aware of the transition in ownership but for those who are not, it is great to meet you. There are so many new customers who I look forward to meeting.
I took over the business last March from my friends, Shannon and Missy.  It really was serendipitous how it all happened. Long story short, they were thinking of selling this amazing business that they started 8 years ago... and I was manifesting a business. Little did I know that the stars would align and I would soon become the new owner!
You may have noticed some style changes but the core of the business that these fabulous ladies created will stay the same. Beautiful, hand-selected styles at an affordable price. Our goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful while finding your personal style.  
While I am a full-time corporate event marketer and manager of sports sponsorships, I have a passion for fashion and have since a very early age. I got my BS in textile products marketing and after many years in sales and marketing, it is coming full circle. 
I have a deep love for travel. I completed visits to all 50 states a few years ago and am looking for my next adventure.  I enjoy yoga, hiking, good wine and spending time with those nearest and dearest. I love connectIng with new people and sharing ideas over a strong cup of coffee or a craft cocktail. I enjoy sports, live music and spending time with my two fur babies, Bella and Bentley. 
If I can style you or help you find that next perfect outfit, please let me know. Contact me if you are interested in hosting an in-person trunk show locally... or a virtual event for your non-profit. We love to give back to a good cause! 


---- Kelli Liles